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Add colour to your Nintendo Switch gaming life with “Hue”

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Independent games publisher Curve Digital and developer Fiddlesticks have announced that its critically-acclaimed puzzle-platformer Hue is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 6, 2019. A vibrant, multi-award-winning puzzle-platformer where you alter the world by changing its background colour, Hueis now available for pre-order through the Nintendo eShop for £9.99 // €9.99 // $9.99 meaning Hue on Nintendo Switch™ is cheaper than it currently is on other platforms. Curve is also offering launch discount of 20% until June 19, 2019 making it even better value for Nintendo Switch users.

Previously available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Hue is designed by London-based developer Fiddlesticks (Henry Hoffman and Dan Da Rocha), and seamlessly blends a vivid art style with intelligent level design and a touching narrative to paint a platforming adventure that is as refreshing as it is colourful.
Taking on the role of the titular Hue, players are tasked with discovering where his mother has disappeared to, encountering a diverse cast of characters along the way who only see the world in shades of grey. As he begins to piece together her discarded research, Hue discovers the ability to see the world’s hidden colours and transform the game world to manipulate objects, unlock new areas and interact with new aspects of the environment. Hue on Nintendo Switch is the most accessible version ever of the game on console: as well as its lauded colourblind mode that utilises unique symbols as a colour aid, Hue on Nintendo Switch also allows full remapping of the button inputs.

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