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Battle Brutal Old Gods in Challenging Metroidvania ‘Outbuddies’ — Available Next Week

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On October 15 —  barely a week away — classic “Metroidvania” Outbuddies will be available for PC! From publisher Headup and developer Julian Laufer, Outbuddies thrusts you into the watery depths of Bahlam, a sunken ancient city of the Old Gods, rife with danger and deadly challenges.

In the game, you’ll explore five distinct and deadly areas, solve cryptic puzzles, escape unrelenting environmental hazards and manic boss encounters — all while you rescue the Wozan — a friendly tribe of mining inhabitants, enslaved for thousands of years by the Old Gods. Outbuddies promises to be both challenging and satisfying, with an awesome visual appeal, a fantastic soundtrack, and the kind of gameplay that’ll push your platforming skills to their limits.

Outbuddies keeps you on your toes with relentless enemies as you explore the deep, dark classic pixel-style world. Take on four cruel mini-bosses and five loathsome, hideous beyond description Old God bosses and learn their unique attack patterns, some forcing you to decipher challenging puzzle elements in the dead heat of battle! Grow your mobility and skills with upgraded gear found throughout the many deadly areas.

Make friends with the woeful Wozan, because when the chips are down, your newly freed friends will show up to help you defeat the tremours of the deep. Just be sure to watch out for the lethal hidden rooms that trap you in for the fight of your life as hoards of Old Ones do their best to make sure you won’t leave alive!

Outbuddies will be available for PC via Steam on October 15, and on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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