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“Braveland Trilogy” – Nintendo Switch Review

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Now you can play all three Braveland stories on the Nintendo Switch with Tortuga Games’ Braveland Trilogy. Follow the Warrior of the Kingdom in the original Braveland, the Ice Mage Diana in Braveland: Wizard, and the Pirate Captain Jim in Braveland: Pirate. Each story is loaded with its own set of characters for your party and enemies to destroy. With the ability to change the difficulty at any time, this turn-based strategy game is perfect for beginners as well as more seasoned players.

Each story features its own main character in their own story line. In Braveland, you play as a warrior seeking revenge on a band of thieves that raided his village and work for someone who wants to destroy his lands. In Braveland: Wizard you assume the role of Diana, an apprentice wizard on a journey to pass her final test and earn her title as a wizard. In Braveland: Pirate, you play as a traveler named Jim who joins a crew of pirates and ends up stranded his first day at sea when a group of ghosts attacks his ship. Although each game has a main character, Braveland: Pirates is the only one where you will have your character with you in battle. Each character, however, has a special attack that can be used when fighting enemies.

Battle takes place on a hexagonal grid with your party to the left and the enemies to the right. Each party member takes turns to move and attack, with each character type having a certain number of steps they can move on the field. Though there is a brief a tutorial at the beginning of each game, it was easy to understand. The graphics are similar to a mobile game but that doesn’t take away from gameplay at all. Also, everything can be done using touchscreen, making it a very casual experience.

Your party, or squad as they call it in-game, can consist of up to five characters. However, each party member is ranked by a number of stars, and you can only have a total of 15 stars in your squad, so you can’t take all of your heavy hitters with a full party into battle. Once into a battle, each character type is represented by one member on the field with a number below them to show how many of that character you have in your party. The higher the number, the higher the strength and defense of that character type. At the end of each battle, any squad members that perished will be revived for a fee that is taken straight from your winnings, making sure you don’t forget to heal your squad.

There is no voice acting in any of the three Braveland games however the dialogue wasn’t lengthy, which made it quick and easy to read through. The music is fitting to the era each game takes place in, and changes while in battle. This helped keep the story moving along at a nice pace. While I enjoyed all three games, Braveland: Pirate was definitely my favorite. The story was not as linear as the other two and really kept me wanting to play more.

Overall, I am a huge fan of Braveland Trilogy. Though I only played through on easy, the gameplay and stories were enjoyable enough that I plan on doing another playthrough on the normal difficulty. The art style is cute and well done. I enjoyed unlocking new characters for my squad to see what they looked like and what new abilities they would bring. I recommend this game to turn-based strategy fans and anyone interested in warriors, mages, or pirates. Braveland Trilogy is a game anyone can pick up and enjoy, and it’s out now for the Nintendo Switch.

Final Score: 4.25/5

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