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Broken Reality – Adventure Set in a Fun 3D Internet World – Nov 29th

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A first-person comedic adventure set in a 3D Internet World. Solve puzzles, collect likes and find secrets.

Dynamic Media Triad and Digital Tribe Games are proud to announce the release of Broken Reality, arriving on Steam on November 29, 2018. Mac and Linux versions will follow and launch by the end of December. After four years of development, a successful Kickstarter campaign, they are ready to bring this experience to the public.

Broken Reality is a new indie adventure where players will dive into five unique levels of a non-stop humorous adventure set in a 3D internet world. Players explore, collect likes, solve puzzles, do quests for flavorful characters all while discovering the dark secrets beneath the Net. The game is comedic by nature, and a lot of care has gone into the Vaporware style aesthetics. Every level is a hand-crafted experience with unique assets.

About Broken Reality-

  • It is the future, and super corp NATEM is now responsible for offering most digital services. Your computer and the internet are all within NATEM’s control.
  • To better integrate their various technology services, NATEM has decided to transform the experience of using a computer from a traditional 2D experience into a three-dimensional digital existence. Users can now move and interact with websites as if they were physical spaces.
  • You are invited to join the world of NATEM.


About the Gameplay-

To solve puzzles, search and explore, the player has a handy set of tools that they can rely on. This includes a Katana to slash pop-up ads, a Camera to see secrets and take pictures for likes, a Bookmarker that lets you leave a mark on a spot, then teleport back to it, a Credit Card to go on shopping sprees and more!


– Find passion in our exclusive Love Cruise, or gamble away in the casinos of GeoCity.

– Everything you want is one click away!

– Cut ads into pieces with your katana, find secrets with your camera, teleport with your bookmarker and much more with our varied set of tools!

– Large focus on humor and non-violent interactions.

– Meet a diverse cast of characters and help them along the way!

– Collect likes to upgrade your social account and gain access to new sites!

– Rich, dynamic soundtrack that matches your progression.

– Large focus on humor and non-violent interactions.

– Arcade-style mini-games!


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