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Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Celebrates Second Anniversary

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SQUARE ENIX® invites players to celebrate the second anniversary of hit mobile game DISSIDIA® FINAL FANTASY ® OPERA OMNIA™ with exciting new content and promotions. Players can look forward to several celebratory rewards and special limited-time events, including a global first character, new story missions and bonuses galore.

With dozens of playable characters from the FINAL FANTASY pantheon featured within the game, over 7 million players worldwide have embarked upon the role-playing journey of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA, with new quests, characters, costumes and more added regularly.

Beginning today until March 2, players can enjoy the following limited-time events and promotions in-game as a part of the celebration:

  • Global-First Character: Aranea  The lance-wielding commodore of FINAL FANTASY XV, Aranea Highwind, will be available in the global version of DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA beginning on February 17. Players can obtain this mercenary, along with her armor and weapon, by playing through her character event stages. Stickers featuring Aranea will also be available for purchase with Dissidia Points at this time.

New Story Content  Brand-new story quests will be added on February 12. Upon completion of the content, players will be able to add Ignis, the reliable and trustworthy companion from FINAL FANTASY XV, to their roster.

  • Anniversary Free Draw Campaign  Each player’s first multi draw is free on ten select banners throughout the campaign period. From today, players can redeem their first two free draws on banners featuring weapons for fan-favorite characters Sephiroth, Eiko and Layle, and Auron, Maria and Jecht.
  • Anniversary Login Bonus – Players can receive premium rewards on top of the usual login bonuses during this period, including artifacts of all knowledge, power stones, draw tickets and more.
  • Double Rewards – Throughout the anniversary campaign period, players will receive double cycle quest rewards and enjoy double the appearance rate for Kactuars. On top of this, players will earn double Radiant Artifact Tokens from World of Illusions quests and triple the usual daily mission rewards.
  • Anniversary Panel Missions – Special anniversary panel missions offer additional rewards including gems, bloom fragments, EX Orbs and more.
  • Anniversary Daily Missions and Token Shop  As part of the celebration, players will have access to extra daily missions. Players will earn Anniversary Tokens by completing them, which they can exchange for valuable weapon upgrade materials.
  • Co-Op First Meet Rewards Reset – Players can earn up to 2,000 gems by participating in multiplayer quests when meeting new players.
  • World of Illusion: Carbuncle – This renewed map contains three new paths players can play through to earn Guard Orbs, Power Orbs and crystals.
  • Stickers – The second set of 3D stickers, featuring characters like Noctis, Rinoa and Sephiroth, is now available for purchase with Dissidia Points at a lower rate.
  • New App Icon + Title Screen – The app icon and in-game title screen have been updated with all-new art to commemorate the game’s second anniversary.
  • Special Gem Sale  Various limited-time sales are available during this period; players are encouraged to check the store frequently to take advantage of these special deals.

Additionally, fans can earn valuable EX+ gear upgrade materials by sharing or retweeting the Aranea Highwind teaser post on the official DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA social channels.

DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY OPERA OMNIA is available now as a free-to-play app (with in-app purchases) through the Apple App Store® and on Google Play™.

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