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“Dual Universe” Trailer Features More Community-Created Spaceships

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We get it. You want to see tons of spaceships. Lucky for you, Dual Universe’s latest video gives you exactly that!

What would sci-fi be without spaceships? Whether its system-hopping frigates or nimble, planetside fighters, spacecraft give a sci-fi universe it’s flavour. Novaquark is excited to showcase some of the best community-created ships for their upcoming civilization-building MMO, Dual Universe, built as part of a contest held in December. From land-based hovercrafts to in-atmosphere fighter ships, all the way up to space-ready transports, hit the link below for a look at what this ambitious game’s community has been up to, showcasing just how much freedom Dual Universe’s powerful creation tools offer to its ingenious playerbase!

Beginning as a challenge for community members to dream up their ideal spaceships (limited for this challenge to sized 16 to 32 in-game meters) and then make them reality with Dual Universe’s extensive voxel-shaping tools, the Alpha 1 community didn’t disappoint. Over 100 submissions later, the universe as we know it just got a whole lot more sleek. Putting aside the community’s creative designs, this goes to show just how powerful Dual Universe’s creation tools are. Not only are players empowered to create the ships of their dreams, but they are able to build liveable structures and completely terraform planets to their liking.

This is just the start of Dual Universe’s galactic takeover, though. Currently in the first stage of its Alpha, players can look forward to a wealth of new features in the first half of 2019 with the launch of Alpha 2. Detailed as part of its roadmap, these features will give more meaning to the creation of players by offering ways for them to industrialize the production of their ships and sell them on in-game markets, becoming part of a giant ecosystem shaping the economy, warfare, politics and the destiny of players.

Dual Universe is available now in its Alpha 1 phase, with Alpha 2 slated to arrive in the first half of 2019. The beta and final release are planned for 2020.

About Dual Universe

  • UNIVERSE (available in test version): The first fully editable universe made for players by players. The only limit is your imagination! Gather your friends and build on a truly epic scale, from ships, cities and space stations, to Lua scripted puzzles and interactive constructs.
  • MASSIVE (available in test version): Dual Universe is the first game where potentially millions of players can interact together simultaneously, inside the same giant universe. We call it the Continuous Single Shard Cluster (CSSC) technology. This proprietary technology means no multi-server player separation, instances or loading times, just one enormous, persistent universe.
  • EXPLORATION (partially available in test version): Explore & Discover new worlds with your friends, find rare resources and build the greatest place in the universe. Will you be a nomad treasure hunter, or a calculating profiteer?
  • ECONOMY (partially available in test version): Dual Universe will have the most realistic economy system ever made in a game. From weapons and tools, to spaceships and giant space stations, build and trade everything to everyone – at your price – on your own market.
  • WARFARE (work in progress): Fight for supremacy, resource control or geostrategic advantage, as you join with fellow players and create your own defense systems, build warships, cities and space stations. Will you defend yourself or lay waste to your enemies?
  • POLITICS (work in progress): Be a lone wolf or choose an organization or build your own, hire new players, fight other alliances, cut deals with them or rule your own part of the Universe with this completely open political landscape, full of emergent gameplay opportunities.


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