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Focus Home’s ‘Curse of the Dead Gods’ Out Now on Steam Early Access

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Survive divine powers and your own greed in the new action roguelike from Focus Home Interactive & Passtech Games

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games’ new action roguelike Curse of the Dead Gods is now available on PC via Steam Early Access. Seek untold riches, divine powers, and eternal life — then rise to fight again when your greed leads to death.

Curse of the Dead Gods is full of fast-paced combat, intense challenges, and a variety of powerful weapons, treasures, abilities and bosses to master. Venture deep into accursed labyrinths of ever-changing pits, traps and monsters. Slay the false deities to collect gold, armaments and relics, but beware the corruption building inside you with each step forward — these curses promise great power, but demand a high price…

Early access kicks off with a ton of content, with even more planned for the future. Starting today, you’ll explore the Jaguar section of the Temple, which features unique traps and game mechanics, nine fighting styles, over 10 standard curses, dozens of room variants and relics to discover, and much more. A living roadmap on the game’s Steam Early Access page showcases upcoming updates like new temples, traps, enemies, bosses, modes, mechanics, weapons, curses and more, all developed with feedback from the community:

Curse of the Dead Gods is also currently in development for consoles. For more information, visit​.

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