Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

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Global Game Jam 2019 Kicks Off Today with a Sale on Steam!

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A selection of games from GGJ past now on sale this weekend on Steam

The Global Game Jam 2019 starts today at 17:00 local time in countries all around the world, as thousands of professional and hobbyist game designers gather in 862 registered sites for a 48-hour game development marathon across 114 different countries. To celebrate the 11th annual Global Game Jam, Valve is running a sale this weekend for a discount of up to 85% off some of the hit games that got their start during past Global Game Jams, including: iOSurgeon SimulatorLovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, StarwhalMushroom 11, A Normal Lost Phone,“how do you Do it?”ScreencheatHome Improvisation: Furniture Sandbox, Life Goes On: Done to DeathBlockpocalypse and Marooners. Visit the Steam Store page and save!

“The 11th annual Global Game Jam is already underway in a number of countries, starting from New Zealand and moving east, and we are excited to see what creative ideas emerge from this year’s secret theme,” said Seven Siegel, Executive Director of Global Game Jam, Inc. “Some truly unique concepts and fun video game experiences have come out of past Global Game Jams, and we are thrilled that Steam is running a sale to offer some of the best of these games for a discounted price in celebration of this weekend of global video game creative collaboration.”

Players can visit the Steam Store page this weekend for deep discounts on some incredible play experiences. The sale ends on Sunday night when the Global Game Jam 2019 wraps.


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