Mon. Jul 26th, 2021

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‘Green: An Orc’s Life’ coming to Steam and mobile in Spring

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Green: An Orc’s Life, the strategic card-swiper game in which you grow an orc, will be released on Steam, iOS and Android in Spring.

In Green: An Orc’s Life you’ll have to pilot an orc through a life of pillage, plunder and gluttony, from childhood, to adulthood and old age. Build up your horde and become filthy-rich with loot as you spread fear. Or break the mould, defy expectations, and save the world!

Featuring comic-book aesthetics, Green: An Orc’s Life contains a multitude of stories and quests in which you will have to match wits and fight against shamans, goblins, dwarves, elves and human beings.

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