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‘Into the Radius,’ the Dystopian VR Horror Experience, is Set to Launch on Oculus Early Access February 13th

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The atmospheric post-apocalyptic VR title Into the Radius is releasing to Early Access on the Oculus Store Thursday, February 13th, after previously releasing on Steam Early Access back on November 6th. This will give owners of Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest (when connected with a link cable) a new platform to access one of 2020’s VR hidden gems.

The Early Access version of Into the Radius lets players jump into hours worth of stalking through a grim open-world environment seeking out artifacts and avoiding deadly threats and strange anomalies.

This week also will see Into the Radius opening their ‘Coming Soon’ page on HTC Viveport, the game is planned for full release in H1 2020.

NEW Rebalance Update 0.8.1747 Today Feb 13th
This update makes Into the Radius more forgiving and gives players more freedom to experiment.

Recap of what’s new from the Milestone 4 Update

  • Mission map improvements, and a more accurate paper map that marks significant landscape features.
  • Improved tactical vest where inventory slots can now accept multiple item types. Mag holsters will now magnet the mag if dropped close enough and the side pouch looks and works more in line with the backpack.
  • Improved tutorial.
  • Shop prices, gameplay balance, and loot have been tweaked to be more fun. The game will start off with easier versions of fragment monsters, rusted weapons, and equipment to find and loot, along with bigger payouts for artifacts in the shop.
  • Added 20+ different cassette tapes hidden all over the game map.
  • Player base shop, and feel improvements.
  • New backpack model and animations.
  • New art for the knife, new art and improved lighting for the flashlight.
  • Improved the player’s body, stopping it from getting in the way when the player is crouching or playing seated.
  • Fixed bugs in item repair, and with item loss in some cases of death in anomalies.
  • Performance improvements with more options to tune performance and visual quality.

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