Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

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Introducing ‘Starborne’, the Greatest Game You’ve Never Heard of, with open Alpha Server (PC)

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Solid Clouds’ new trailer shows off why now is the perfect time to join this deeply riveting MMORTS in space

Over 90,000 players signed up, more than 38,530 in-game days, equating to 105 years, have been played. For the past four years, Starborne has been captivating a large and loyal audience in its MMORTS universe while remaining largely unknown to the larger gaming world.

Now, to celebrate the roll-out of the game’s third server of open alpha 9 (which also commemorates today’s Black Moon supermoon in the western hemisphere), Solid Clouds has released a brand-new video asking, “What makes Starborne the greatest game you’ve never heard of?”

Starborne is a massively multiplayer real-time sci-fi strategy game where you build your empire alongside thousands of other players and wage war for control of the galaxy. Each individual game is played over an eight-week period across a unique seamless map. Players must strategize and forge alliances to put themselves in the strongest possible position for the intensely competitive endgame that will decide the fate of everything. Once it’s over, a new eight-week game begins in a totally fresh galaxy.

In an online space dominated by fantasy RPGs, first-person shooters and battle royale games, Starborne is forging a unique position within the PC MMO sector, offering players an intellectually challenging yet highly accessible alternative. One in which every decision you make has a meaningful impact that shapes the outcome of each game.

Starborne is currently in open alpha. For more information and to register to play for free, visit


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