Sun. Jun 13th, 2021

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‘KILL la KILL – IF’ is finally out on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch!

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Don your Goku Uniform, sharpen a pair of scissors, and get ready for the battle of your life. KILL la KILL – IF is finally out on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, so you can start settling even the most bitter rivalries… TODAY!
It’s been five years since that fantastic story came to an end, and what better way to re-live the most epic moments of the anime than via Story Mode? Though in KILL la KILL – IF, that story is told a little differently… taking place instead from the perspective of Honnōji Academy’s iron-fisted ruler, Satsuki Kiryūin.
Supervised by Studio Trigger and written by the legend that is Kazuki Nakashima, KILL la KILL – IF is a 100% bonafied, authentic anime experience. It just looks and sounds right! Combine that in a development partnership with the prestigious Arc System Works, and you’ve got yourself a 3D Fighter that plays as nicely as it looks.
If you’re picking up your copy today, then we hope you have a great time with the game. Take on your friends and enemies in VS mode, and don’t forget to scream out your best insults with the Ketsui Testament mechanic!
And you can find out more about KILL la KILL – IF over on the official website

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