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Legendary Maverick Hunter Zero Comes to ‘TEPPEN’

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Get ready to go from Zero to Hero! The Maverick Hunter, Zero from the Mega Man X series will join TEPPEN as one of the game’s playable Heroes.

The Maverick Hunter, Zero is now available as a playable Hero in TEPPEN’s latest expansion: “Haunted by Memories.” This new expansion focuses on the haunted past of several memorable characters from Capcom’s rich history and introduces the new ability “Memory.” Memory allows a card’s abilities to change if the number of Action Cards used during the match is equal to or greater than the specified number. The “Haunted by Memories” expansion is jam packed with over 100 new cards that will add a new variety of exciting gameplay.

TEPPEN’s newest Hero, Zero, will have three new Hero Arts: Fight Against Inner Demons, Rakuhouha, and Tenkuuha. Fight Against Inner Demons will add a Maverick or Maverick Hunter randomly to the EX Pocket. The Maverick Action Card randomly destroys an enemy with an MP cost of 6 or lower. The Maverick Hunter gives a friendly unit +2/+4. The Rakuhouha Hero Art will deal 4 damage split among enemy units when the player’s Memory count is 3 or less. The damage increases as memory count increases, with 7 damage dealt when memory count is between 4 and 9, and 12 damage when memory count is 10 or more. The third Hero Art, Tenkuuha, gives a friendly unit +2 Attack and Combo for one attack.

To celebrate the new Hero and expansion, TEPPEN will have a new login bonus that includes “Haunted by Memories” Pack Tickets.

Download TEPPEN on the App StoreGoogle Play and the Amazon Appstore.

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