Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

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Mythgard Releases New Gameplay Trailer in Time for Beta Launch

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Showcasing depth, seamless digital play, and innovative tactical combat

Mythgard is many things, but it is especially this: a CCG with the strategic depth to go toe-to-toe with Magic, yet the ease of pick-up-and-play to rival Hearthstone, all built independently by a small team of industry veterans. 

Yes, we could go into a list of your standard features like the stunning card art (over 400 of ‘em at launch!), a compelling story campaign, and multiplayer (PvP and co-op!) but… let’s be real here. This game will live or die on the gameplay. CCGs are like that, y’know.

Mythgard is set in a world not unlike our own: a modern-day civilization with technological advancements and diverse people making their way through their own lives. There is one slight difference however, it is intertwined with the world of myth. Minor gods and mythological creatures walk alongside humans, or fly along with our machines of travel. Uncover a rich lore layered in with dynamic and strategic cardplay.


  • 400+ cards featuring gorgeous art
  • Play solo, 1v1, or 2v2
  • Solo story campaign, draft, and rank modes
  • In and around game social features, including spectator mode, replay, and a Mythgard Twitch extension for streamers
  • Play using the same account across web browser, Steam, iOS, and Android

Open yourself into Mythgard and try it for yourself! Mythgard launches September 19 on PC (Windows & Mac), iOS, and Android.


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