Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

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New ‘GreedFall’ Accolades Trailer

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It’s been two short months since GreedFall staked its claim as a must-play RPG on PC and consoles, with fans and critics alike praising its deep gameplay, intriguing world and inventive quest design. Now Focus Home Interactive and Spiders Studio invite players who have yet to play to take up the call to adventure with GreedFall‘s new accolades trailer! This game is available for PC, PS$, and Xbox One.

GreedFall blends the best of classic and modern RPG elements into an epic adventure. On the mysterious island of Teer Fradee, you’ll find a beacon of hope for your troubled homeland, as well as plenty of intrigue and danger. Uneasy relationships simmer between the island’s many factions, both settler and native, and their fates depend on your decisions as a hero, explorer and diplomat. Shape your own story: create and customize your character, choose which upgrades to take, and manage your party of compelling companions.

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