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Open-World! Furry! Adventure! “Winds of Change” Launching A Month Early on August 21

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Whether you’re looking for an epic tale to fall into or some epic tail to fall into the arms of, have we got news for you. The unabashed furry visual novel, Winds of Change, is launching sooner than expected! Originally slated for a fall launch out of Early Access, Winds of Change officially launches on Steam on August 21, 2019, bringing with it a wholly unique VN experience.

Building upon the foundations of rich storytelling and player choice you’d expect from the VN genre, Winds of Change features an open-world narrative with a wealth of side quests and the ability to take part in parallel stories as you inhabit the bodies of other characters. Not only this, but the entire story is voice-acted, featuring a stellar cast whose past credits include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildPersona 5Mob Psycho 100, and Danganronpa.


On the fence? No worries! Jump in and play through the game’s entire first act for free – no strings attached. Dubbed Winds of Change – The Opening Act, this gives players their first taste of the adventure awaiting them in Alestia with the added benefit of carrying over any save data and narrative choices into the game’s full version. So, whether you’re in it for the prophetic tale of a fantasy world fighting against fate, the heartfelt romance, or a truly fresh take on the visual novel genre, Winds of Change should be firmly on your radar!

Winds of Change is available now on Steam Early Access (Windows, Mac, Linux), with a full launch now slated for August 21, 2019.

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