Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

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PAX East | Sunny Days and Surreal Dreams with Life Sim ‘Circadian City’

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Circadian City, the 24/7 life sim with everything from work and hobbies in the day to dating and dreams full of farming and procedurally-generated adventures at night, will bring the pleasures of life to PAX East 2020.
Publisher Way Down Deep and developer Nowhere Studios invite you to start a new job in the big city!  Work to live, but never live to work. Explore interests such as painting, aliens, books or gardening and make like-minded friends.
Develop a relationship with a special someone. Delve into the dream world each night, and farm, fish, craft, explore the wilderness or play minigames with surreal creatures in a colorful, retro art style.
Coming to: Steam Early Access Q1 2020; Nintendo Switch Q4 2020

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