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Population Zero: Big Content Update Is Now Live On Kepler. 50% Off To Mark The Launch Of The Latest

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Stranded in the vast wilderness of an alien planet, you have only 168 hours left to survive. From the visionary team of Russian independent developers Enplex Games comes a new ambitious Exploration Survival project set in a Massive Multiplayer Online world. Population Zero blends the excitement of Exploration, the unpredictability of Survival games, the persistence of MMOs and the thrill of Session-based titles. Discover fantastic vistas, survive the hostile flora and fauna, engage in PvP battles, run for your life or get transformed into a nightmarish being. Population Zero offers an exciting adventure in an unfamiliar frontier with a captivating story, numerous NPCs and dozens of quests that will be enjoyed by Survival purists, Sci-fi fans and Exploration enthusiasts alike.


To Survive on Kepler Players Will:

  • Make immediate decisions since time is running out;
  • Explore every region to learn the truth about their mission’s true goal;
  • Progress through a thrilling story-driven adventure;
  • Defeat cunning beasts, traverse dangerous environments, escape or battle other players;
  • Gather ample resources, craft vital gear and build shelters.  

Signature Features:

  • Story-driven survival with a huge emphasis on exploration;
  • A week-long session with an evident win condition;
  • Unique character development progression based on Tech-tree and Perk systems;
  • Account leveling with consistent unlocks in the form of new modes and session modifiers;
  • Astonishing art-direction and atmospheric music;
  • Variety of Biomes with a distinct look, feel and gameplay elements;
  • Elaborate crafting system and addictive resource gathering;
  • Skill-based non-target battle system with multiple hand weapons and substantial selection of both offensive and defensive moves;
  • Randomized loot drop dependent on the player account level, skill, and gear rarity

Survival on Kepler is a race against time. Make the most of the remaining 168 hours, explore the world, uncover Kepler’s mysteries and live to tell the tale.

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