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‘Rescue Pets’ – Mobile

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Team up with your corgi pal to upgrade a virtual animal shelter right on your mobile phone! Though it is an idle tapping game, Rescue Pets is full of adorable perks that will make it difficult to put down. It is free to play and getting started is easy! Just name your corgi and begin upgrading to receive coins and materials for you to use to make your shelter the best.

Rescue Pets creator and developer Dan Scalise has always had a passion for animals and video games, two things that bring so much joy to our lives. While working at Amazon, Dan would interact with dogs his fellow coworkers would bring into the office. Wanting to create something that was enjoyable and would help the world in a real way, Dan quit his job to bring Rescue Pets to life. He created a mascot, the adorable corgi you team up with, that not only helps you rescue pets but is a rescue itself. Though not much is known yet on the origins of your stubby pal, there will be more information as updates continue to be released and eventually even the introduction of a new mascot. Along with upgrading your shelter, you can collect materials to make a variety of cute outfits for your furry friend. To collect coins you swipe across the screen to pet the corgi, causing it to jump with joy as donations pour through the letterbox. Petting it in certain places will cause your corgi to do different moves and dances. Can you find them all?

Rescue Pets isn’t your run of the mill idle phone game. It also helps animals in real life. A portion of all in-game and merchandise proceeds go to real shelters to help save real pets. Currently, they are teamed up with Dog Gone Seattle, a wonderful organization that rescues dogs around the country from high kill shelters. They then bring them back to Seattle and into foster homes where they can be trained and cared for in a comfortable environment. Working closely with the animal and potential owners, Dog Gone Seattle finds the perfect fit to give these dogs a second chance at life. Though currently Rescue Pets is only working with Dog Gone Seattle, they hope to soon expand to more shelters in the Seattle area and eventually be able to reach out to animals in need all over the world.

I have been playing Rescue Pets ever since I met Dan at PAX East in Boston and it is one of my favorite mobile games to play throughout the day. Whimsical design, bright colors and cute animations really make this game fun to keep checking into as you go about your normal routine. I would also have to say that Dan and his team are wonderful when it comes to updates and news regarding the game. Just recently, there was some trouble with their St. Patrick’s event and I believe the team handled it perfectly. Not only did they make an announcement about the event being put on hold for a short period, they also awarded players in-game with an apology for the delay. I for one cannot wait to see what this game becomes and what good this team can do for the pets that need our help. Such a wonderful idea, I praise creator Dan Scalise and the rest of his team for being true heroes in the world of mobile gaming. Available in the Google Play store and the Apple app store, download Rescue Pets today and start changing the lives of furry friends for the better.

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