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Rovio & K-Swiss Partner for Angry Birds 10th Anniversary Sneakers

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In December 2009, the first Angry Birds mobile game launched on iOS devices, rocketing to viral status and spawning a brand that continues to draw tens of millions of active users to its games and animated content, ten years later.

As one of the key product partnerships to celebrate the Angry Birds 10th anniversary, Rovio (the creator of Angry Birds) has partnered with footwear company K-Swiss.

The Angry Birds will be lending their faces to the K-Swiss Classic VN shoe in two striking new designs coming to market as a limited-edition run in December, available in child and youth sizes. The custom kicks pay homage to the evolution of the Angry Birds characters such as Red, Chuck and Bomb, who have undergone quite a lot of changes in the last ten years, flying from mobile devices, into licensed products, animations, and Hollywood movies.

“It’s awesome how the irreverent attitude and playful, cheeky spirit of our avian friends is perfectly represented in these sneakers,” said Simo Hämäläinen, Rovio’s Head of Brand Licensing. “We’re delighted to partner with K-Swiss on this limited-edition run and look forward to seeing them out on the street.”

“There’s a huge demand for brand collaborations, especially with classic brands with deep emotional connections, so this is a perfect pairing,” said Barney Waters, K-Swiss president.

Additional Angry Birds facts:

  • Number of downloads for Angry Birds games since 2009 = over 4 billion.
  • Over 6 million play Angry Birds mobile games on a daily basis.
  • Number of Angry Birds consumer products sold since 2010 = over 1.8 billion.
  • Size of Angry Birds YouTube channel = over 3.3 million subscribers, over 4.5 billion lifetime views.
  • Global brand awareness of Angry Birds (across all ages, GEOs) = 94%.

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