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‘Sin Slayers’ is launching on Nintendo Switch on March 26

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On March 26, Sin Slayers, the grim pixel-art RPG in a dark fantasy setting, launches on Nintendo Switch. It previously released on Steam, where received many positive reviews. The handheld edition will include not only the basic version, but also the Snow Peak expansion. The base price for the game will be $19.99 depending on the region.

Sin Slayers: Enhanced Edition is an expanded version of Sin Slayers that includes all of the previously released expansions that include new locations, enemies, heroes, items, new storyline and many additional quests.

Pre-orders open on the official page on March 19.

On March 26 the game will be available in Europe, North and South America, Oceania, Australia and Africa. Asian release date will be announced later.

Sin Slayers is a grim RPG about the afterlife. The player must create, equip and lead a team of heroes with unique strengths and weaknesses that will define your strategy. To escape, you must defeat the Seven Deadly Sins. Players will fight in turn-based battles, explore randomly generated maps in the best traditions of Roguelite genre and set the individual difficulty of each playthrough.

Key Features: 

  • Randomly generated locations provide great replayability. Player will encounter new secrets, events and monsters with each playthrough.
  • Roguelite with Dungeon Crawler elements.
  • Classic turn-based JRPG combat system.
  • 12 heroes, each with their unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses.
  • Sinfulness system changes the difficulty of the game, depending on player decisions.

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