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Star Citizen | Last Chance to (Play and) Fly for Free: Fly the Mercury Star Runner and 100+ Ships

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The final four days of this year’s Intergalactic Aerospace Expo (IAE) 2950 begin this Sunday, November 29. This will be the last chance for players to take advantage of the Star Citizen Free Fly event to download and play the game for free. These final four days of IAE 2950 also offer attendees the chance to rent and fly any ship from every manufacturer in the ‘verse. If you missed your chance to pilot the highly anticipated Mercury Star Runner, the Consolidated Outlands Nomad, or any of the other 100+ ships on show during the expo, these final four days of IAE 2950 are your last chance to do so – for free!
To watch trailers from the official Star Citizen YouTube channel, please follow the links below:
Star Citizen combines classic space sim gameplay with boundary-pushing visuals in a massively multiplayer setting with unprecedented fidelity. Live how you want to live: shift paths from cargo hauler to outlaw, explorer, or any other role, whenever you want. Explore multiple planets and moons, including vast cities and underground caverns, all created with a unique combination of procedural planet technology and complementary hand-crafted design.
To begin your journey in Star Citizen for free during this year’s IAE, please head here.
For full details on this year’s IAE 2950 annual in-game expo, please head here.

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