Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

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Sweet! Chinese Mooncake Desserts Head to Overcooked! 2 in the Free Moon Harvest Update

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New levels, variants of a sweet Chinese delicacy, and a new environmental hazard is served up in Overcooked! 2 from today to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Team17 and Ghost Town Games are today serving up fresh new content for Overcooked! 2 players to celebrate the start of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival, celebrated across China and East Asia. The free Moon Harvest Festival update, available now on PC and consoles, sees Kevin the Dog and The Onion King welcome in the autumn/fall season with three varieties of mooncakes – the traditional dessert for the celebrations – on the menu, along with five new levels in which to cook up chaos, and the introduction of hazardous lily pads that can barely hold a chef’s weight.

Available for all players (including those still to purchase the jam-packed Overcooked! 2 Season Pass) the Moon Harvest Festival is the latest in a long line of free seasonal updates released for the award-winning multiplayer game. The update will also feature in the upcoming definitive edition of the Overcooked! series, Overcooked! All You Can Eat, which will be released on next-generation consoles later this year.

The Overcooked! 2 Season Pass is available on Steam.

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