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‘Sword Art Online’ Returns to ‘Puzzle & Dragons’ for a Limited Time

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Time to break out the NerveGear! GungHo Online Entertainment (GOE) has announced that Sword Art Online is returning to Puzzle & Dragons in a limited-time collaboration. From April 6 – 19, players will be able to unleash some of Sword Art Online’s favorite characters and creatures as they battle their way through new dungeons and boss battles.

This Sword Art Online collab will bring several new characters through the Teleport Gates to the world of Puzzle & Dragons: Alice Synthesis Thirty, Elite Disciple, Eugeo, and Cardinal. All-new and returning Sword Art Online characters will be available through the Sword Art Online Egg Machine to help you fight against the evil forces of Argus. Additionally, Puzzle & Dragons will receive two new Assist Evolution Monsters, Osmanthus Blade and Blue Rose Sword, along with several limited-time exclusives. Players won’t want to miss out on the MP Shop Exclusive, Song Princess, Yuna; or the limited-time Monster Exchange exclusive characters Swordsman-in-Training, Eugeo and Swordsman-in-Training, Kirito!

Two limited-time dungeons more fearsome than Aincrad will also be available during the Sword Art Online collaboration. Those who dare to enter the Sword Art Online dungeon will fight through seven floors in order to claim victory and reap the rewards. Additional features include a single-floor multiplayer dungeon and a boss exclusive to the event: An Incarnation of the Radius. Taking down this formidable boss will allow players to obtain exclusive rewards.

As a login bonus, players will get one free pull from the Sword Art Online Memorial Egg Machine. For those players hoping for more, three exclusive bundles will be available for purchase during the collaboration. For $0.99, players can purchase the 1 Magic Stone + Sword Art Online Egg Machine bundle. For $9.99 there’s the 10 Magic Stones + Sword Art Online Cardinal Egg Machine option, which ensures players a ★5 Cardinal and the exclusive SAO Orbs Skin. In addition, purchasing the $19.99 20 Magic Stones + ★6 Sword Art Online Egg Machine bundle will guarantee a ★6 pull.

Sword Art Online Egg Machine Characters:

Alice Synthesis Thirty (NEW!)
Elite Disciple, Eugeo (NEW!)

Cardinal (NEW!)
Information Broker, Argo

Sword Art Online Assist Evolutions:
Osmanthus Blade (NEW!)
Blue Rose Sword (NEW!)
Kirito’s Elucidator & Dark Repulser
Asuna’s Lambent Light
Leefa’s Sweep Saber
Sinon’s PGM Hecate II
Yuukii’s Macuahuitl

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