Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

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The Cat Quest “Pawsome Pack” is coming to consoles!

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Now is the purrrrrrrrrrfect time to explore the vast Lupus Empire and the pawsome world of Cats!  

Cat Quest and Cat Quest 2 will soon be available to purchase as a physical double-pack! Coming to Ninendo Switch and Playstation 4 – players will have the chance to experience this action-RPG adventure solo or with a friend thanks to the all-new co-op gameplay in Cat Quest 2!
If you already have the original Cat Quest – we got ya! The pack comes with a neat reversible cover featuring Cat Quest 2 specifically, so both versions can sit proudly side by side!
If you want to get your pre-order locked-in early, you can head to the following retailers:
US – Amazon

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