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‘TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2’ – PC Review

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TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge 2, developed by KT Racing and published by Bigben Interactive, lives up to the reputation of what is considered one of the most dangerous racing events in the world known as Isle of Man or Tourist Trophy. This is an advanced motorcycle racing game, with career mode, single player, multiplayer,  and complex customization, along with a lot of great features and stunning environments.

Immediately the player jumps into a tutorial mode to teach the mechanics of Ride on the Edge 2, and it is done well, but that is only half the game. The other half is a steep learning curve. Arrows (^) in green and X’s in red indicate when the player can accelerate to their heart’s content or need to slow down before that quickly approaching turn. The motorcycles are touchy due to the maximum speeds they reach. Slipping onto the curb or on a rough surface is fatal when going 180mph. The game is as true to life as can be, a admirable feat to achieve, and that is what makes the game difficult. Ride on the Edge 2 offers different levels of Riding Styles from amateur all the way up to simulation which is completely manual. Simulation turns off the anti-lock breaking system, traction control, wheelie control, stoppie control, race line that guides the player and indicates how slow to go for a turn, splits the break method, and transmission shifting is manual. These are a lot of factors for the player to consider while keeping the bike up right and trying to win a race, and some may find this an enticing challenge. I tested playing the game with controller and with a keyboard, and I highly recommend a controller. Accelerating with the right trigger gives the player a level of control in how fast they accelerate by squeezing just a little or all the way. As well as the left joystick makes for finer adjustments, something crucial when hitting top speeds.

Ride on the Edge 2 offers a great many customization options through the Shop and Garage in Career Mode. Choose from a selection of Supersport, Superbike, and Classic motorcycles to design along with liveries (paint jobs). Then move on to Parts, including BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha to name a few, each with their own suspensions, transmissions, engines, wheels, radiators, and chassis. Perks can also be purchased in the shop to help out in the races. Be sure to put in a lot of race time to earn money, and do well at the races to earn even more.

Single player offers the Career mode, Quick Race, Time Attack, and Free Roam. Quick Race is just that, a quick race at the place, time of day, and weather of the player’s choosing. Time Attack will help to practice the tracks and decrease your time on laps. Free Roam is also self explanatory; choose a time of day, weather, and temperature, jump on your bike, and drive around at your leisure. Also, replay the tutorial at any time. Multiplayer can be on or offline. Online is either a public game or a private game. In Public, choose from one of the three motorcycle types to find a game or make your own. Online is probably not yet a huge attraction for this game, but it would be fun to play with friends.

From Ride on the Edge 2 I have learned a game can be great visually and play smooth, it can have amazing mechanics, a variety of customization, a wide range of difficulty in the selection of tracks, but you can still be bad at playing the game, even on amateur mode. I wrecked a lot, which is actually kind of fun. By the end of the career there is no doubt my sponsor regretted their decision to offer me a contract. The game was fun, relaxing, and it is developed well. If you’re reading this looking for a casual experience in motorcycles, this is probably not for you. If you’re interested in an experience of real life, dangerous motorcycle racing at high speeds, through narrow roads, with twists and turns, and crashes that cost you heavily in placement, while doing well offers great rewards, this is an excellent choice.

Final Score: 4/5

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