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‘Ultimate Pirates’ Sails the Seven Seas, Christmas Comes to ‘Kingdom Under Fire 2’, and ‘NosTale’s Biggest Update to Date

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As the year draws to a close, Gameforge — the leading Western publisher of multiplayer online games such as AIONElseworldKingdom Under Fire 2, and TERA — still has plenty of news to share about its games.

Biggest Update Yet Brings New Content, Maps, and Rune System to Anime MMO NosTale

Last week, Gameforge announced the biggest update in years for the anime massively-multiplayer online game NosTale! Act 7: The Orcs and the Celestial Spire will introduce 17 new maps, 50 new monsters on the Island of Moritius, three new raids for players at level 90, and a new player challenge. Players can buff up their builds with new passive skills, new equipment and armor created from collected materials and blueprints, a new rune system that allows them to upgrade their weapons, and a new tattoo system that bestows additional bonuses.

Act 7 will be released in two parts — the first part is playable now and the second part releases early next year.


Swashbuckling Strategy MMO Ultimate Pirates Hits the Open Waves, Launching Worldwide

On December 2nd, free-to-play browser-based strategy massively online multiplayer role-playing game Ultimate Pirates launched for PC and mobile browsers!

Developed in partnership between multiplatform game developer Moonmana and Grafit — a digital art studio that has contributed to video game titles by Activision, Bethesda, CD Projekt Red, and many others — Ultimate Pirates lets players take command of a fleet of ships and set a course for adventures across the briney blue. Featuring a gorgeous sea-faring art style and a unique pirate-themed world, players must build their fleet, join forces with others, and plunder gold, weapons and, of course, treasures in unlimited PvP and PvE naval battles. Brave sea-faring scoundrels and burgeoning captains must use their wiles to anticipate their opponents’ next move — or they’ll find themselves in Davy Jones’ locker!

Ultimate Pirates is available in North America and Europe in 17 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish. Players can embark to conquer the high seas and gain infamy across Ultimate Pirates’ vast world by visiting http://ultimatepirates.gameforge.com. A client-based Windows PC release of Ultimate Pirates will come in the near future.


Kingdom Under Fire 2 Receives its First Content Update and Seasonal Event


The first seasonal event for Kingdom Under Fire 2 invites players to help Mr. Christmas with his jolly errands and unlock a series of special costumes, mounts, and Christmas-themed troops! Starting on December 12, for or three special days throughout December 2019, players will also receive presents from a festive login bonus! As well, until January 7th, 2020, additional rewards with 100% additional gold boost for players will be available so that players can finance their efforts more intensely during the holidays.


Following its successful launch a few weeks ago, Gameforge and Blueside’s MMO-RTS hybrid Kingdom Under Fire 2 recently launched its first content update, bringing forth new challenges and experiences for players looking to develop their heroes’ skills.

Players can engage in a new, grand, sixteen-player raid on Scourged Mountain, to unlock five new troop types upon completion, and earn gold, troop visionstones, and training stones as they invade the nest of some greedy goblins. The Cubic shop has been updated to offer a new way for players to unlock the troops they desire for their armies as well.

The new update also brings quality of life fixes, including gameplay balancing, progression improvements, class updates, text/UI fixes, and more.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is available for purchase in three editions, priced at $29.99 USD (€29.99), $49.99 USD (€49.99), and $99.99 USD (€99.99). A special holiday sale from now until January 2, 2020, offers discounts up to 30% off on the various Kingdom Under Fire 2 editions from the official Gameforge site and Steam.

You can get a first look at the Kingdom Under Fire 2 Christmas and the raid on Scourged Mountain in the new trailers below:


The Biggest Content Update to Date Heralds a New Era for Space Strategy MMO OGame

October saw the 17th-anniversary for legacy space strategy massively-multiplayer online game OGame and teased its biggest content yet. On Friday, December 20, OGame 7.0 introduces exciting new content for players all over the world to explore.

For the first time, players can choose to play as three new classes, each with their own special bonuses. As collectors, players benefit from increased resource production and faster trading ships. The General class gives players faster combat ships and Recyclers. Discoverers will make faster progress researching technologies and enjoy improved results on expeditions, giving players an explorer’s edge.

Gameforge also launched three new class-specific ships to support each class. Collectors can pilot the Crawlers, which aids production in mines, while Generals can immediately collect a portion of debris fields after combat with the speedy Reapers. To facilitate their exploration, Discoverers can survey lost debris fields on expeditions with Pathfinders. And finally, OGame 7.0 introduces an all-new Marketplace where resources, items, and ships — including class-specific units — can be traded.

With so many new ways to explore and create your own galactic empire, there has never been a better time than today to jump into OGame. Anyone ready to take on the universe can sign up for free by signing up through the official Gameforge portal: https://gameforge.com/en-US/play/ogame


With more than twenty titles and over 450 million registered players in more than seventy-five countries, Gameforge is one of the leading providers of free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) in the Western Hemisphere. Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Gameforge specializes in publishing Asian titles in Western markets. Their significant portfolio encompasses numerous well-known brands, including AIONElswordNosTaleOGameKingdom Under Fire 2TERA, and Europe’s most successful MMO, Metin2.

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