Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

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‘Vigor’ Bohemia Interactive’s New Shoot-and-Loot Title, Out Now!

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Gamescom, Cologne, Germany – Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce that Vigor, their new shoot-and-loot title set in post-war Norway, is now fully released! Vigor dropped their launch news on Gamescom’s Inside Xbox Show earlier today. Join, for free, the over 700,000 players that jumped into the harsh Outlands during the game’s preview over the last few months.


  • There is new, exciting upgrades to Vigor since its preview on Xbox One. Bohemia has added localization for France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and Brazil — There are also new servers specially constructed for South America and Australia. All new and current Outlanders will have a smoother in-game experience for matchmaking and latency.
  • With a fleshed out story and the introduction of the Starter Pack and Outlander Pack, new players can enjoy additional weapons and expand their wardrobe with new Customization Variants.

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