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VR Scifi Co-op Shooter from Fibrum – “Space Ops” Release date

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International VR publisher and developer FIBRUM have announced the release date for their virtual reality cooperative shooter, Space Ops VR. Players will be able to join the Space Ops and participate in their challenging training regimen on May 30th. The game will distribute through Steam and is playable across a variety of headset and controllers including the Vive, Oculus, and Windows Mixed Reality VR systems.

Space Ops VR puts you in the shoes of an enlistee of the Space Ops, an elite corps of first responders that guard perilous deep-space expeditions. To keep themselves sharp, the Space Ops practice in cutting-edge simulations and compete to be the most efficient soldiers this side of the galaxy. Space Ops VR’s scenarios can be played solo or cooperatively in score-based PvP mode that features leaderboards and a skill-based matchmaking system.

The release date trailer showcases Space Ops VR’s expansive arsenal as well as the tactics you’ll employ against the hostile creatures you train against. Unique to the game is a special tactical teleportation system that combines teleportation and a dodge maneuver to help you get a leg up on your foes, but misuse can also put you at a disadvantage.

Space Ops VR Key Features

  • Extended co-op experience
  • Advanced skill-based matchmaking
  • Score based PvE/PvP gameplay
  • Basic training and SANDBOX mode for the beginners
  • Unique futuristic weapons, with different damage types such as Kinetic, Beam, and Plasma.
  • Tons of grenades and gadgets to send your foes flying and make the enemies wet themselves
  • Customizable characters
  • Unique teleportation system to help you save your soul – or doom you – depending on the decisions you make


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