Fri. Sep 24th, 2021

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We’re Properly Nerding Out! – This Is Why…

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This week we’re SO hyped to be able to announce a game we’ve been keeping secret for a few months now! Check it out…

Say hello to Ciel Fledge! Our latest new indie release brought to you all the way from Indonesia. Ciel Fledge is a little different from our usual games, in that it’s a Daughter Raising simulator. Lots of people are drawing parallels to Princess Maker – though to be honest, it’s a very different game at heart.
Thoroughly wholesome and unbelievably in-depth, Ciel Fledge sees you adopting a girl in a future Sci-Fi setting – and raising her to adulthood.
Gareth will be picking up the work duties on this one – you can find him on our Discord gushing over the game’s awesome city pop soundtrack. Once he heard those sweet noodly electro-vibes, he properly nerded out over it – and who are we to deny him that pleasure! ^_^

Songbird Symphony Story Trailer is here!


Amaria is currently looking after one of the cutest releases we’ve ever published – Songbird Symphony. This is an adorable blend of Platformer and Rhythm Action, with some of the most gorgeous sprite work you’re ever likely to see.
This week we’re releasing the Story Trailer – which outlines the reason for Birb’s adventure. Having hatched from an egg and raised by his Uncle Pea – a Peacock with some pretty wild dancing skills – Birb is obsessed with finding out what kind of bird he really is.

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