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Zombie Survival Action Game ‘Darksburg’ Assaults Steam Early Access Today

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Darksburg, the co-op zombie survival action game from Northgard and Evoland developer Shiro Games, is now available on Steam Early Access, following its successful closed beta.
A cooperative action game set in a medieval town overrun by hordes of shambling corpses, Darksburg tasks up to four players to band together, complete objectives across atmospheric maps, and push back against the zombie assault. Choose from one of four Survivors, including Sister Abigail, a holy nun hell-bent on saving her home, and Varag, a wolfman whose ferocity is matched only by his taste for undead flesh.
Coordinate with player or computer-controlled allies, unleashing devastating special skills and unlockable abilities to cut through Darksburg’s zombie invaders while completing objectives in co-op. Alternatively, players can take up arms as Revenants, powerful undead champions dedicated to hunting down the Survivors in a dedicated PvP mode. Then test your skills and see how long you can hold out battling endless waves of monstrosities in Last Stand mode.
Darkburg’s Early Access launch features four playable Survivors, four playable Revenants, five maps set in distinct city districts, and three game types: Co-op, PvP, and Last Stand.
Darksburg is now available on Steam Early Access.

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